The Process

Step 1:

Planning and preparation:

It's best to book at least 6 weeks before the session to secure your slot. Once you book, we’ll schedule a pre-session consult. This is a time when you can share your thoughts for what you want your session to look like. Additionally, we’ll discuss the kind of art you’d like to create with the images we’ll capture. My goal is that the session be unique to you and your family. By discussing your style and preferences, as well as my creativity and input, we’ll plan the session of your dreams. 

Step 2:

Capture the moment to create art:

The sessions take place in our well equipped studio or at the location of your choice. Our studio is designed to make our clients feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Everything you need for the session will be provided for you. The goal is for you to come stress free and enjoy every minute of the shoot.

Step 3:

Select your masterpiece:

Your art is ready to be chosen! Within 2 weeks after the session, we’ll schedule an in person meeting for you to view your images. You’ll be given the options of different products we offer and we’ll discuss which art best suits your home. Each image is carefully edited to create the masterpiece you’ve been waiting for.